Fight it right, fight it together!

Dear Friend,

It is another launch week in my blog journey, and I am so happy to continue to share it with you.

Writing has always been a joy and something I am passionate doing. Or should I say telling stories is my passion? It may be telling my own story, someone else’s story, a made up one or a biblical story but telling stories in one way or another, that’s my thing.

My background and my training as an actress introduced me to more ways than only writing them. TV or video are other ways tell stories so for me to add this format to my blog was a natural step for me. When I started the blog, I just didn’t how I could add it to my blog. But friend, now when I have the concept and the idea of my weekly video I am beyond excited for this video launch. I have over the years met so many incredible people who have their story to share, I know they will inspire and encourage your Faith to grow and your Hope to rise too.

It will not only be about marriages and families, but every single story will be worth watching that I can promise!

My first guest is my hubby of soon 21 years, and he is the other part of my marriage miracle. Even though this is maybe more like a “kitchen table” conversation rather than an in-depth interview I am very thrilled Johan is my first guest and that I have been able to introduce him to you in this way. He will be posting a guest blog next week, where he goes a little bit deeper in his journey from bondage to freedom from Pornography. Pornography is a big issue in many relationships today and part of why many struggles still are that we keep quiet about it. Still to much shame around porn. On the other hand, much of the teaching in the society today is that pornography is the new “normal”, and it is our job to learn to relate. Proof of what it does to our brains tells us differently. Which means we have to talk share and be open about how it kill steal and destroy on so many levels.

It is not my style to leave you with a depressing report. Yes, it is vital that we don’t hide and stuff things under the carpet, and that’s we see things for what it is, but only to be able to fight it in the right way. If we know the enemy, we need to be wise and plan a strategy for the battle. With my complete trust in God, I believe the porn battle is a victory for everyone, but we need to know how we claim it and walk in that victory! That is good news, right?

A key for me and my transformation was my attitude to pornography. I was bashing Johan with shame and guilt for a very long time, and I became very good at it too, it was in the end almost impossible for him to raise up and believe he would be able to change and become the man he wanted to be. My turning point was to join Johan in his fight and fight with him and not against him. I made the addiction not just his issue, but it became mine too. I had to stop the blame game and instead of ruin begin to help set up a strategy for us to fight this together.

The first thing was to limit Johan’s access to the computer. It took him over a year to be able to use the computer in our home again. Which in return made me responsible for bills and the rest of the finances. Today when we help others, we advise even to swap to a “normal” Mobil and get rid of smartphones. To have no access to the computer helped Johan develop new patterns. When he came home, and the boredom button hit him, he had to do something else than go online. He bought himself a pair of running shoes and decided to run a Marathon. I still remember today how proud I was when I saw him crossing that finish line at Stockholm stadium. I was for sure the loudest of all thousands of people cheering their favourite. That day and that race was proof that pornography didn’t steal kill or destroy. With tears running down my cheeks I knew we had won the battle together, even though Johan was a little bit more tired than me after running the 42km.

Fight it right, fight it together!

Love Linda

Watch my first Video episode of Coffee, cake and Christ here >>

  • Geoff
    Posted at 10:44h, 23 March Reply

    Thanks for your honesty before the camera.

    Holiness is a forgotten emphasis in today’s church. We can stand against the enemy, and we can take every thought captive to Christ. I have listened to a doctor speak on addictive behaviour, and he traces it all back to a person’s pain. Addictive behaviour is soothing the pain, a comfort mechanism- but then it has terrible consequences that entrap us.. Dealing with pain i9s the key. Getting support and a listening non- judgemental ear is the way through. You have given that to each other by God’s grace. You have a testimony to share, and you are shining your light to the world. Thank you both.

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