It is a very Good Friday!

Hi Dear Friend,

I hope you have had a good week and where ever you will spend your Easter Sunshine and Hope will join you!

I started off my blog by sharing my marriage crisis which was seconds from ending up in a divorce. No one can take away my experience of how God completely restored our marriage. It was a pretty damaged one. I guess if you have had terminal cancer and got healed, you would never stop being tired of telling the good news. Or if you had a drug or alcohol addiction, you would never doubt that anyone could be completely free from it, because you are living in that freedom. It is the same with me; I know God can transform any marriage.

He is God over everything, and when he died on the cross, it turned out to be a perfect Friday. Jesus killed everything in the way of living life free from addiction, broken marriages and he destroyed any illnesses on the planet. Jesus is the name above everything.

But there is more good news! The cross is the place where He killed the enemy to our freedom. The grave is the place where Jesus was brought back to life by the power of the Holy Spirit. He was laid in the dark tomb as a dead body the stone was placed before the opening, and it seems like the end. However the grave couldn’t hold him, and on the third day, the power of life resurrected him. The stone was removed, and he left the tomb as a living King. It is an incredible picture of how Jesus conquered death. He was in the grave, buried like a dead man and for the people outside that was the end of the story.
Dead- Buried-Forever gone.

How often I have had the same thought. I had that thought about my marriage. It was dead, time to move on. The power of God didn’t care about my funeral. He knew death was not an issue for my marriage to live again. It was in the dark grave with the big stone placed in front of the opening our dead marriage is resurrected. From the inside, the miracle happened. Death could not hold our marriage. That is Easter for me, miracle of life!

No one can come and say, it is too late, it is too broken. You might even have had thoughts that your dream, future, marriage, hope is dead. For me that is a reality of life, something dies, but does that mean it is the end…..?

Of course not,
Arise, Hope!
Awake Dream!
Be alive marriage!

Jesus died on the cross to kill the enemy to set us free, on the third day the power of life entered the earth and that power is the very same power that will bring your dream, Hope marriage and purpose back to life!

Put on those dance shoes, turn the volume up, it is time to celebrate
It is a good Friday, a very Good Friday indeed.

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