Drinks, food, sleep and exercise 4 enemies to a healthy and long life.

I read in a new research that If you want to shorten your life – stop drinking coffee, soft drinks and alcohol and to stick to water when you’re thirsty. They also suggest if you want to be sure to be as unhealthy as possible, stop eating processed frozen dinner and keep that smile on your face as you prepare your homemade meal with those dangerous carrots sticks on the side. They continue in the research; If you want to start the day in the worst possible way, get yourself around 9 or even 8 hours of sleep. And If you really want to waste time and decrease your health, use valuable minutes of your life to go for a walk on your lunch break… If you are a true nutcracker, you can always join a gym or be wild and be freestyling running in the park next to where you live. But I warn you, it might shorten your life.

I know I might have gone overboard with this blog post. But I have for 48 hours been struggling by the little decision I made before my husband left for his ten-day business trip. After I faced the truth in the open daylight when I was fighting the last button on my comfy jeans. I couldn’t hide anymore, all those biscuits and my newly developed habits of late snacks, and my creativity around desserts were finally exposed. I’m actually very impressed that I managed to create new habits in such a short time. It wasn’t until I thought I had shrunk every item in the wash I had a quick though, hm…. but I dropped the thought as soon as I took a bite on my newly baked chocolate cookies.

But when I lost my fight with my jeans, I heard someone in the room say out loud; “Dear Husband when you are away, I won’t eat anything with sugar, chocolate, ice cream and evening snacks are gone.” I just said it, out loud and no turning back. That was 48 hours ago, and a lovely blueberry pancake ago with extra of everything…..

Oh, my. Why? Why? Why? Is it so easy to develop habits that are against me? I am actually fighting my body’s willingness to eat that chocolate bar (or two), but I have decided to win this one, won’t t be easy, but I have to give it a go, for the sakes of my jeans.
I won’t quit enjoying an ice cream or to fill my home with the smell of homebaked cookies. But our health and what we eat are linked so we have to at least try to do our part. What would be your biggest challenge, regarding changing something in your eating pattern?


A big challenge doesn’t mean- impossible.
A Big challenge means – A big win!



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