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Wife to my best friend, mum to my three life-changers, located where I can some mornings see the most beautiful sunrise from the green hills of Edinburgh. We are Swedish but before we settled in Edinburgh we lived 4 years in Marbella, Spain. I enjoy watching my daughter practise her backflips and listening to my sons music productions. My husband would probably like me to be into hiking rather than baking and eating cakes whith I am quite good at. Both baking and eating. I also love to see lives being transformed by the love of Jesus.
Who is, by the way, the real teacher of the amazing Lifestyle of Heaven.
My hope and prayers are that you by this blog will be encouraged to explore what God has to say about living life. My hope is to develop a hunger in you to refine and expand your skills in a lifestyle full of Faith Hope & Love.
With Love
Linda Odén

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