Hi there, and Welcome to my blog

My name is Linda and has been alive for half a decade. I live with my husband and daughter in Edinburgh, Scotland, even though I was born and raised in the ABBA land of Sweden. We also have two grown-up sons enjoying life in London.

We left Sweden in 2011, and I’m sure many of my posts will share reasons and experiences for the decision to leave a safe and well-known place for the adventure of the unknown.

Since February 2023, we have been blessed to share life with a black Working Cocker Spaniel girl, Pepper. She will definitely pop up in my posts.

I grew up in a Christian home and have always believed in God. But my relationship with Jesus has been in many different seasons. I was a mum of three and had been married for more than a decade when I was crying out to God and trying to figure life out and make sense of the mess I was living when God spoke to me about the Lifestyle of Heaven and had not yet realised was vital for my abundant life. On the outside, I was a mum, a wife, looking after a home, going to church, and even working in one and for many, I had a Churchgoer Lifestyle. However, that might not be the same as a Lifestyle of Heaven; it was certainly not the case with me.

That is how The Holy Spirit got my attention, He started to teach and educate me on the difference. Over the last 12 years, I’ve lived in Sweden, Spain and Scotland. Three European countries are similar in many ways, but when you experience them from the inside, they are very different. Food, music, weather, jokes, politics, what you bring to a dinner party, Ice breaking questions, cash or no cash, traffic rules, I could go on and on. Living in different countries has helped me to navigate social languages and norms quickly. It has also made me aware of how bad I have been to adopt a Lifestyle of Heaven in my new citizenship of Heaven.

Well, I want to share many things about what a Lifestyle of Heaven looks like, it’s benefits on your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being, and its impact on the community you live in and the people you share life with.

So better get on with it,
But Hey you, please let me know how God has taught you what it means to live a Lifestyle of heaven.

Let’s live a living life.